Congratulations to Matt Kuchar, who won the Sony Open in Honolulu this past weekend.


He said of his win, “I think it might’ve been Jay-Z that said 40’s the new 20.” This is the second win he’s had on the PGA Tour in his last four global starts.


After a disappointing season failing to make the Tour Championship last year, he’s back and motivated to have the best season of his career.


“Golf is addictive that way, in that if you’re not playing well you can’t wait to figure it out and make it better, fix it,” Kuchar said. “If you’re playing well, shoot, it’s great, it’s awesome. You want it to never end. You want to just keep playing. It’s a cycle of whether it’s good or bad that you kind of have this quest to continue to play, to improve, to fix, to whatever it is. I was frustrated, but still along the quest of trying to get better.”


Source: Golf Digest