It may seem as distant as the thin sun through winter skies, but golf season is not far away. (For an overzealous few, your author included, it was only February 5th, literally, when it warmed to 50*+ here!) Greg was dutifully out on the course keeping the ice off #1 the best he could what with the shadows from those pines keeping some stubborn ice in place.

But now, find a comfy chair and as you read this geographically familiar excerpt from P.G. Wodehouse see if your imagination transports you out of winter and finds you on our clubhouse veranda…

“On a fine day in the spring, summer, or early autumn, there are few spots more delightful than the terrace in front of our Golf Club. It is a vantage-point peculiarly fitted to [the] philosophic mind: for from it may be seen that varied, never-ending pageant, which [we] call Golf, in a number of its aspects. To your right, on the first tee, stand the cheery optimists who are about to make their opening drive, happily conscious that even a topped shot will trickle a measurable distance down the steep hill. Away in the valley, directly in front of you, is the lake hole, where these same optimists will be converted to pessimism by the wet splash of a new ball. At your side is the ninth green, with its sinuous undulations which have so often wrecked the returning traveller in sight of home. And at various points within your line of vision are the third tee, the sixth tee, and the sinister bunkers about the eighth green–none of them lacking in food for the reflective mind…”

There is a seat waiting for you on the Wawenock porch   – just be sure you’ve got your membership sent in and especially before March 31st to enjoy the free range membership – verandas and spring notwithstanding, I know one swing that has rusted up a bit for which the range will be requisite.

See you there soon!