We Can’t Mess With Mother Nature!

WGC is open for walking – no carts yet

  • Chipmunk Chatter will be returning to the Lincoln County News soon, be on the look out.. 
  • The Pro-Shop is filling up with bright and colorful athletic wear!
  • The Ladies Tees have been moved for a better play. 
  • Mother’s Day Special this weekend, Mom’s golf for Free on Sunday!!!

Upcoming Events and News


Women’s Day -June 4th- 2:00-6:00pm (Complimentary)

2 hours of play and 2 hours of social time.

Ladies Leagues and Men’s Leagues begin the first week in June.

Ladies Clinic- May 9th start – Every Thursday  at 5:30pm (complimentary)

The White Owl Restaurant will open May 24th with a light fare, daily at 11:00.

Dinners will be in full swing on June 14th !


A request to all of our golfers

Please check-in at the pro-shop before you head to the first tee to play!  We are working hard to see how many rounds we are playing.   This sounds like a great raffle idea:  Guess the rounds in a month…….

Help Us Grow Our Website

Many of the photos we need to make our website beautiful, can come from our players.  If you snap a picture of a lovely scenic picture or your friends laughing, and making great shots, please share it with us..  You can email you pictures to: wawenock@outlook.com or text to:  781-727-9241.

We are always looking for suggestions on how to improve our club, don’t hesitate to send an email and write a suggestion and give to the pro-shop.